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Receiving & Installing

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Care & Maintenance for Chopping Blocks, Active Working Surfaces

  As soon as your piece arrives, please open and inspect it immediately. Wood is a living substance, and it moves. Wood is also a sensitive material, and we will not be responsible for any damage that occurs because of improper storage or lack of care once the woodwork is received. Blocks or boards with an oily finish may be wrapped in plastic. Remove the plastic and wipe off any excess oil, then once you have inspected thoroughly apply another coat of oil right away to complete the seal. During the first two or three weeks after arriving, every block should be oiled with Bee Good Oil® daily to ensure its long­ term stability. Then once a week for the following month, and as needed over the next century.

Chopping blocks and cutting surfaces should be flipped regularly if possible, and hand­ washed only, after every use, immediately hand­ dried and then re-­oiled on all sides after every washing to ensure maximum life. Store flat if possible, in a relatively stable climate, and keep out of direct heat (including windows). Sudden changes in temperature and moisture content are to be avoided. Do not put any wood items in your dishwasher ever, or submerge, or let them sit in moisture or juices for any period of time. Keep cool and dry and clean, and oil frequently.

To sanitize your block, we recommend diluted distilled white vinegar as a natural disinfectant, best applied with a spray bottle. After scrubbing any sticky residue off your block with a lightly-dampened scotch-brite sponge and few drops of mild dish soap, you may wish to spray some vinegar to help remove odors or to sanitize after processing raw meat. Spray the board and let sit for a few minutes, then wipe off and re-season as usual. If desired, a heavier solution of salt and mineral oil may also be used on any stains for a slightly longer period to try to draw them out. In general however, any deeper stains will take time and repeated cleanings/sanitizing/re-seasoning to disappear.  Using our Bee Good Butter for a stronger surface protection once your block is well-seasoned with Bee Good Oil will also help prevent staining.

I would certainly like you to be happy. If you are genuinely unhappy with anything I make, or something warps or splits for whatever reason, then I do want to hear about it and may work with you to compensate or fix at a fraction of the cost to me, at my sole discretion.

Wood is a dynamic substance and requires a little regular love and care. My blocks are designed to be functional and aesthetic objects equally, and to last a long time acquiring patina and character as they age. As a living, porous, cellular substance, wood does move, including seasonally with changes in temperature and pressure, but also with prolonged exposure to moisture or even brief exposure to direct heat. Everything I build is with principles of wood movement in mind. If you are not vigilant in filling the pores with mineral oil and beeswax, your board will likely warp and woof. If you allow it to dry out, it will eventually crack, or the seams may fail. Wood also changes color, with both UV exposure (sunlight) and oxidation (air).  And of course even end grain will eventually show signs of wear and may need to be resurfaced.

I will also gladly resurface any board or block to make it look brand new again (sanding and oiling) for a modest fee of $50 (per 20 square inches) plus shipping (both ways).

Caring for an active wooden cutting surface is not difficult, and increases the pleasure of owning such an object.

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