Green River Woods


Matt Christie

custom furniture, fine woodwork, custom trestle table, spalted maple

Our first end grain island top, circa March 2009.


Butcher block roll cart


Functional ART

Growing up on the Green River in the woods of Vermont, summer jobs meant framing houses. With a few “breaks” to salmon sein in Alaska, travel and study English and Philosophy, Matt eventually worked his way into finish and trim carpentry, built-ins, cabinetry and furniture.


Green River Woods was originally founded in 2008 and now serves clients all over the world. As a  company we emphasize environmental care and attention to process, from tree to finished piece, using traditional and modern methods to make one-of-a-kind pieces large and small. 


Virtually all the wood that comes into our shop is re-purposed in one form or another.


Our founding obsession, evidently, lies in exploring the limits and possibilities of end grain construction. No surface is more difficult to work, more beautiful, or more durable. More recently, we have begun acquiring an inventory of unique salvaged slabs that over time suggest their own enduring form and function.






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